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Letters to the Editor

Letter: Real Alaskans offer ideas

  • Author: Gary W. Thomas
    | Opinion
  • Updated: March 21
  • Published March 21

In response to “A shortsighted budget” by J.D. Raasch: I always wonder about people who use name-calling and crystal-ball predictions. Raasch used name-calling and verbal degradation on citizens who exercise their right to vote for who they choose to represent them. Reading through his letter, it is obvious that he has no concept of suggesting positive ideas and solutions to assist Alaskans with many issues.

I, for one, fall into his “stupid” category. I will refrain from mentioning what category he falls into. It’s just so sad to see and read about people that cry, cry, cry, without offering any positive suggestions on what they are crying about. Maybe Raasch needs to move to another state that suits his whining better. Real Alaskans are looking for, offering ideas, and discussing the best way to move this state forward with what we have to work with.

I applaud our governor, not for all of his proposed budget policies, but for having the guts to put them on the table with a bright light shining on them.

— Gary W. Thomas


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