Letter: A few questions for voters

I guess you people fell for the bribe of a big Permanent Fund check to magically appear in your bank accounts.

Letter: No alcohol tax

Why does the mayor want to penalize a segment of Anchorage for a citywide problem?

Letter: Loyalty demand misguided

I note with alarm the demoralizing effect this will surely have on the Department of Law. What possible agenda should an ethical state prosecutor submit to?

Letter: Republican women set political records

Republicans hold a 13-7 majority in the Alaska Senate that includes five Republican women, and Republicans have taken back the majority of seats in the House, with 11 of those 23 being Republican women.

Letter: Creative thinking on LNG

With creative thinking, we can succeed beyond our wildest imagination, at far less expense than fixated specialized delivery and production procedures heretofore used.

Letter: Slippery slope problems

This will probably fall on deaf ears, but I would like to request that my homeowner property taxes be used to purchase some sand.

Letter: Better road maintenance, please

I know much of being safe has to do with driver behavior and proper snow tires. But good road maintenance is something we have control over.

Letter: More housing needed

As a function of economic development and a solution to the homeless problem Anchorage should be building more housing.

Letter: Curriculum problems

To infer that the 3,300 experts in our classrooms are unable to differentiate between curriculum and contracts is unprofessional and not best for our students.

Letter: Pebble too risky

The value of the salmon resource, properly managed, will continue forever. Pebble will boost the local economy while it prospers, but it will run out in time.

Letter: A craftsman’s view on resource extraction

I support the Roadless Rule. Will this make the lumber I use more expensive? Undoubtedly, but this lumber is valuable! Alaska has some of the highest-quality timber in the world.

Letter: Election spending

If we actually wanted to have an impact on whatever we thought was good and needed, the money would be better spent directly buying those things we believed would actually make America better.

Letter: I will not resign

The state of Alaska hired me for my expertise, not my political allegiance. My moral allegiance is to the mentally ill and the staff who care for them.

Enforced silence is just as dangerous as any offensive rhetoric

An essential part of what liberals are fighting against is the unreasoned campaign to delegitimize dissent. Yet when the pushback entails the reflexive, categorical rejection of certain views, it can mimic the very mindlessness it abhors.

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