Letter: New camping procedure baffles

I certainly do not understand the rationale for this new policy. Perhaps the Division of Parks and Recreation can provide us with the details.

Letter: We need respectful dialogue

We have the same problem in Alaska that we have on the national level: a lack of willingness — or inability — to engage in respectful dialogue.

Letter: Gambling habit

The legislators wrangling over the size of the dividend remind me of a poker player heading to Las Vegas.

Not in our back yard

Maybe a solution would be to have the concert adjacent to the parking lot at Glen Alps, but please stay out of the backcountry.

Letter: Save our university

If you do not value the University of Alaska, you do not value Alaska or Alaskans, period.

Letter: Repeal oil tax credits

Yes, the oil companies are robbing us blind. It’s a fact that they make more profit on a barrel of oil from Alaska than oil produced in the Lower 48.

Letter: End tax breaks

I agree we need to protect the fund for the future. But there is an opportunity for enhanced revenue that our representatives hesitate to address.

Letter: Hold Trump accountable

Sen. Sullivan won’t read the Mueller report, let alone hold the president accountable. Will Sen. Murkowski?

Letter: Wool is right on PFD

In my opinion, this is a wise solution to the PFD dilemma and will avoid future drama over the amount of the PFD.

Letter: University budget cuts

In short, I am suggesting that full conditional investment in our best and brightest could bring an inspired army of youthful energy to bear on problems that have defeated my generation.

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