Who has it right in governor’s race?

Mike Dunleavy has emerged as the people’s candidate, receiving grass-roots support from thousands of people on his way to victory in the primary.

Senate must be fair, thorough to retain moral authority

An investigation could potentially exonerate Brett Kavanaugh or indict him, but the lack of an investigation would certainly undermine what little ethical credibility remains in both him and the process.

Letter: Hard election choices

We have some hard choices facing us this November. Which do you want more: a $3,000 dividend and perhaps coming home to find your car stolen or your house broken into, or not seeing homeless people on every street corner and people getting needed treatment instead of our state psychiatric facility on the verge of total collapse? These things aren’t unrelated.

Letter: Allegations Should disqualify Kavanaugh

In my lifetime, I have known many moral, honorable and scrupulously honest conservatives. My own father is the first who comes to mind. So why is it that lately, the Republican Party keeps offering up, for the very highest and most powerful positions of our country, men who have committed crimes against girls and women?

Letter: Begich won’t win

Mark Begich clearly and emphatically rejects Mike Dunleavy’s agenda. He opposes the program of the religious right. He opposes reducing services to the poor and the elderly. He opposes cuts to education. He opposes useless projects that mainly benefit the construction industry. I agree with Begich on all of that.

Letter: Kaplan wrong on guns

Regarding the recent article by Karen Kaplan about how semiautomatic weapons increase the casualty rate in shooting incidents: Though her (erroneous) definition applies to only some rifles, a semiautomatic weapon fires one shot with one trigger press and includes almost every gun a civilian can own.

Letter: Gov. Walker sells out the Kenai sockeye

I have been living in Alaska since before statehood. During that time, there have been changes, but to have a governor, his commercially-biased fisheries board and Fish and Game directors allow commercial interests to harvest any sockeye before they even reached the Kenai River should be criminal.

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