Letter: The play’s the thing

If President Donald Trump is so confident that the Mueller report should not be released, why is he afraid?

Letter: Thanks for climate leadership

As people of faith, we recognize that God calls on us, the human part of Earthly creation, to serve a unique role as stewards of God’s beloved creation.

Letter: Real Alaskans offer ideas

I applaud our governor, not for all of his proposed budget policies, but for having the guts to put them on the table with a bright light shining on them.

Letter: Sign of the times

Breaking and entering with prior felony and misdemeanor convictions should not result in one day in jail. There is something wrong with this picture.

Letter: Climate recognition kudos

Earth is our Eden, and Alaska is our part of it. We do have a chance to preserve it for future generations if we act swiftly and decisively.

Alaska must invest in early education

If we invest in pre-kindergarten programs now, Alaskans can expect to save as much as $364 million per year in the long term.

The Alaska spirit is always alive at UAA

I’ve learned a lot about what is important to our state and how our university is constantly evolving to be responsive to community needs.

Letter: Don’t sell the Sheldon Jackson Museum

The suggestion of the state ‘divesting itself’ of the Sheldon Jackson Museum is akin to the U.S. government suggesting it divest itself of the Smithsonian Institution’s National Museum of the American Indian.

Letter: Say yes to the alcohol tax

Local nonprofit groups have done an excellent job of providing services to the homeless population, but more resources are needed for long-term solutions.

Letter: A modest PFD proposal

There are still a few logistical details to iron out. A little help here, governor?

Letter: Protect ANWR

A landscape that is so special is no place for destructive oil and gas development.

Letter: Stop education cuts

No decision is easy and there will always be people that disagree, but hurting the children, which is the very future of this state, seems to be misdirected.

Letter: Some bond math

I wish the municipality and school district would do a better job of showing the value of bonds that were retired this year.

Letter: Sell the state

Every day, news of Gov. Mike Dunleavy’s cuts to state services feels like the slow pull of a Band-Aid.

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