Gov. Dunleavy is at a crossroads

I seriously doubt that if the governor concedes the PFD issue to the Legislature without a fight, there will be any chance of re-election.

Budget is an investment in Alaska

We must be vigilant to not be penny-wise and pound-foolish, harming our future generations and the future of our state for short-term savings.

Tax me. Please.

Our government is cutting the university, psychiatric care and retirement homes while a healthy 29 year-old engineer is allowed to make a net negative contribution.

Mass murder is a choice

It is not merely the act of a depraved individual, but also a political choice to distribute weapons of mass destruction to those depraved individuals.

Letter: Election explanation

With regard to talking points about Gov. Mike Dunleavy getting one of the largest votes in history to be governor, let me remind my fellow citizens the facts of two things.

Letter: Responsible gun control steps

The implementation of these three things won’t eliminate hate-filled psychopaths from our society, but it would severely limit their access to weapons.

Letter: All hands on deck

All political parties should cooperate to strengthen the security of our elections.

Letter: Thanks to electrical union

I am grateful to this union that has invested in our city to make it a place people want to live, work and play.

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