Mueller report offers little in black and white

From where I sit, everyone (with the exception of Robert Mueller himself) comes out looking worse than their loudest supporters claim but better than their shrillest detractors insist.

Letter: Save the Ocean Rangers

With impunity, cruise companies have violated discharge and pollution laws. Worse yet, they’ve been found to have falsified records which would have proven further violations.

Letter: Who’s taking whose treats?

Is it really ordinary PFD-drawing Alaskans who have better chances of visiting Willy Wonka’s chocolate factory than visiting their own state capital?

Letter: Time for a recall

If we had known Gov. Mike Dunleavy was going act against our students, our sick, our poor and our environment, I don’t think he would have been elected.

Letter: Roadless Rule makes sense

The overriding importance of maintaining a stable global climate and sustainable food systems demands that we guard and protect our state’s precious resources.

Letter: Save the dairy

We can build the Ambler Road at state expense and we can give endless incentives to oil companies, but we can’t pay for an inspector so Havemeister Dairy products can be sold in Alaska stores?

Letter: Save us, Betsy

Come and save us crazy humanoids, Betsy! We want to go feral, too!

Letter: Third Avenue problems

The municipality could certainly find a better way to spend almost $4 million than to accommodate bad behavior.

Letter: Get involved, change government

I would like to thank Rick Wicks for bringing Congressional House Resolution 1 to the attention of Alaskans, at least those who read the paper.

Letter: Saving wild salmon

If the state continues to ignore invasive hatchery salmon and does not enforce a wild salmon genome standard on them, there eventually won’t be any wild salmon left to save.

Letter: Thoughts on proposed laws

Millions of dollars are being set out, and for what? To destroy the land? To take away from what’s rightfully ours?

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