Letters to the Editor

Letter: Turnagain Arm exit

During the summer fishing months, traffic can be backed up for more than a mile at the Sterling-Seward Highway junction on a Sunday afternoon.

Letter: Heavens to Betsy

Oh, how I’d like to wake with mountains as a backdrop to the first moments of the day!

Letter: So little progress

Now we are interning Hispanic refugees at our southern border. At least in 1942, we kept families together.

Letter: No offense

These days, it seems no one can even speak without offending someone.

Letter: Add more border wall

The congressional Democratic leadership was willing to hurt a lot of people with the partial shutdown merely to prevent President Trump from fulfilling his No. 1 campaign promise.

Letter: Support UAA accreditation

UAA is the future of the UA system. Any actions that reduce or move services and programs away from UAA are contrary to meeting the future higher education needs of the state.

Letter: Sad about Trump

We need to continue to stand strong against this president’s bigotry, racism, divisiveness and the disrespect he displays to our country’s values.

Letter: Consumers deserve safe choices

When buying children’s toys, furniture and personal care products, we don’t always know that many of our options are loaded with toxic chemicals.

Letter: The governor and the pope

The collision of values between Pope Francis and the governor raises questions regarding motivation.

Letter: Handguns need to go

‘An armed society is a polite society?’ I don’t think so! Alaskans are not ‘polite’ with all this gun wielding, and we’re certainly not safer.

Letter: Hiring logic

When appointing commissioners to agencies to which they are diametrically opposed, where does it end?

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