Letters to the Editor

Letter: A love letter to Alaska

Christy NaMee Eriksen and Ryan Cortes are providing real hope for the future by showing that this younger generation really does have a vision.

Letter: The governor’s road show

It’s refreshing to find a politician who follows through on his campaign promises. It’s even more rare to find one who says what he means and means what he says.

Letter: Ownership and freedom

Gov. Jay Hammond created the big equalizer of the owner state: the Permanent Fund. For 35-plus years it worked as it should.

Letter: Budget thoughts

Each year, Sen. Bill Wielechowski, sends out a survey of possible issues to the voters of a safe Democratic district; the findings should put all elected representatives on notice.

Letter: Black rifles do matter

When a reporter and news establishment fail to talk to the parties involved and avoid simple research, they neglect the basic fundamentals of reporting.

Letter: The dividend and its effects

Alaska’s economy still depends on construction, oil, tourism and fishing, with the dividend providing a fluid cash infusion in October. As the dividend has been reduced, Alaskans have seen many businesses close and the jobs they provide disappear.

Letter: A lower-cost traffic solution

I’m at a loss for words about the city’s knee-jerk reaction concerning the pedestrian/vehicle problem by Bean’s Cafe and Brother Francis shelter.

Letter: Austerity, Alaska style

In implementing “Austerity for Alaska,” the governor attempts to extract from the working and poorer classes enough of our common resource wealth to ensure that the corporate “haves” continue to hog our prosperity.

Letter: Help protect firefighters

Flame retardants generate excessive smoke and toxic chemical byproducts that expose firefighters to a toxic soup when a structure is burning.

Letter: Don’t cut essential services

Those who feel that government should provide them with roads and Alaska State Troopers without a penny of support from them is wrong.

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