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What we could learn from the Brett Kavanaugh situation

As a society, we understand sexual violence better today than we did when Kavanaugh was in high school, better even than we did a year ago. The only reason we understand it better is that we’ve begun to talk about it more openly.

Why we’re choking on Amazon cardboard

It's inevitable that the online trade's decentralization pushes more packaging out to consumers. That doesn't mean, however, that we should get as much of it as we do.

Eleventh-hour slander

Even Ginsburg pines for the days when she and Scalia were confirmed without politics.

Yes, seek consent. But be human, too

Students must develop a sexual ethic that is not merely a set of rules but also truly respects the human person.

Five myths about anger

No, venting and breaking things won’t really calm your rage.

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