National Opinions

Green New Deal backers embrace their fantasies

Given that almost everyone running for the Democratic presidential nomination feels obliged to say they’re for it, it’s worth taking somewhat seriously.

America lets too much young talent go to waste

Stopping the unnecessary waste of poor and minority students’ gifts would be an important step toward restoring the U.S.'s reputation as a land of opportunity.

The banality of evil, 2019

When we use language to disguise reality, we move ever closer to the dehumanization of us all.

Pot trade needs access to banks

Conservatives who dislike costly regulation and progressives who favor state-legalized cannabis ought to be able to agree and fix it.

Abortion maximalists stand on shaky moral ground

Many people have trouble being 100 percent certain that a fertilized egg or a blastocyst is a human being, but vanishingly few of us dispute that a delivered baby outside the womb is a human being.

Five myths about rock-and-roll

No, grunge wasn’t just white guys from Seattle, and the ’27 Club' is smaller than you think

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